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Events and group day shuffling

This is an exciting week. Not only are we finalising the preparations for the group getaway this week-end at Avalon Springs in Montagu, but we have exciting visitors. Firstly, the group day has been changed to Wednesday. Now, about the … Continue reading

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Yabebal Fantaye’s talk at SAAO on Aug 19, 2010

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The shake and break approach to research

Bruce Bassett, AIMS, 10 August 2010 Research is hard. As a young researcher one arrives at the shore of accumulated wisdom of everyone who has gone before and in the context of academic research that ocean is made up of … Continue reading

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Upcoming events

Click on the Google calendar buttons to add these events to your calendar: – African School of Physics, STIAS, Aug 1 – 21 – Group retreat at Avalon Springs in Montagu, Sept 5 – 7 – South African Gravity Society … Continue reading

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Yabebal Tadesse Fantaye

I am from Ethiopia, born and educated at the Capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. I did my undergraduate in the department of Physics at Addis Ababa University. I completed my Honours and Masters in the University of Cape Town … Continue reading

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Papers mentioned this week

This is a list of the papers discussed this week. Feel free to add them to your Mendeley library, or you can subscribe directly to the public Journal Club collection in Mendeley. Horava-Lifshitz Cosmology: A Review, Shinji Mukohyama. If space … Continue reading

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Group meeting 02 August

Yesterday was the first group meeting and features a news round-up, discussion of some interesting papers and an update on the next group outing! News Roundup: 1. We got an update on the status of the PAU survey, a project … Continue reading

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