Events and group day shuffling

This is an exciting week. Not only are we finalising the preparations for the group getaway this week-end at Avalon Springs in Montagu, but we have exciting visitors.

Firstly, the group day has been changed to Wednesday. Now, about the visitors:

Public lecture by Bob Wald at UCT

Robert Wald (who wrote the classic ‘General Relativity‘ textbook) is visiting the Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation Centre (ACGC) of the University of Cape Town and is giving two talks on Monday afternoon:

‘Black Holes’, a Public Talk and ‘New approach to small scale inhomogeneity in cosmology’ the ACGC seminar taking place at UCT as well.

Hillary Sanctuary from the department of Theoretical Physics of the University of Geneva who will give the year’s first Cosmology seminar at AIMS:

Effective Field Theory approach to Modified Gravity
Wednesday 1 September at 11am
The Hall, AIMS Research Centre

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Click here for Hillary’s papers on arXiv

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