Filming with the BBC

View of the other charter plane on the flight down to Kolmanskop.

As part of the 4 part BBC series Wonders of the Universe, I took part in filming of the episode on Time, around the old mining town of Kolmanskop, Namibia abandoned in 1954, the perfect place to illustrate the concept of entropy and the thermodynamics arrow of time. The houses are slowly falling apart as the sands and dunes reclaim the town… Two versions of the series are being produced at the same time. An international version and a UK version, presented by Brian Cox, who was also down in Kolmanskop for filming.

Filming inside one of the houses...

Kolmanskop is close to Luderitz and to get there from Walvis Bay we took small charter planes which provided the chance for spectacular views of the dunes and skeleton coast.

The series is scheduled to air in the UK in the northern hemisphere spring, 2011 and worldwide shortly afterwards.


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