Networking at the 1st African school on synthesis imaging in radioastronomy at hartrao (South Africa)

From all corners of the world and Africa, we  met at Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO) , west of Johannesburg in South Africa. We came to learn about synthesis imaging in radioastronomy : a first on the African continent. As we move towards SKA , networking was also high on the agenda. Most of the continents were represented; and with the endorsement of the South African SKA bid by the African Union, a noticeable number of attendants were coming from African countries other than South Africa, namely : Gabon, Uganda, Madagascar and Rwanda. A point to note here is that all the African participants are being trained in  South Africa, with the support of the South African SKA Project. Discussions ran high among some of the participants on how to maintain momentum and cohesion in the current initiatives for astronomy & space sciences in Africa. One of the main points informally discusssed was about how to take full advantage of the forthcoming  IAU Astronomy Development Office to be set up in South Africa. All in all, this first African synthesis imaging in radioastronomy was a successfull training opportunity as well as a unique networking opportunity.

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