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PSI accepting applications…

Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI), in partnership with the University of Waterloo, welcomes applications to the Master’s level course, Perimeter Scholars International (PSI). Exceptional students with an undergraduate honours degree in Physics, Math, Engineering or Computer Science are … Continue reading

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Mathematics in biology

Mathematics underpin science everywhere and being at AIMS offers us the great opportunity to be exposed to the diverse ways in which the world is being explored and researched using mathematics. On Tuesday, Rhoda Hawkins from Bristol joined us to … Continue reading

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Group getaway in September

We went on a 3-day getaway in the Western Cape in September 2010 where we conceptualised and filmed various cool, unusual illustrations of cosmological and scientific ideas. This ‘making-of’ video captures the spirit of the getaway.

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Soliciting Secrets from Strong Field Spacetimes

Last Wednesday Jeandrew Brink from the National Institute for Theoretical Physics, NITHeP, visited us to give us a colloquium on Strong Field Spacetimes. Her abstract goes: Quantitatively mapping the strong field regions around compact objects using the gravitational radiation emitted … Continue reading

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D for Domain wall

I was watching the film V for Vendetta the other day and realised that aside from its interesting dystopian commentary on modern political life, there is a scene which elegantly illustrates the concept of topological defects in general, and domain … Continue reading

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Group Publications in October

Statistical Classification Techniques for Photometric Supernova Typing by James Newling & al., with Melvin Varughese, Bruce Bassett, Bryony Martin and Mathew Smith (arXiv:1010.1005) See also the video abstract for the paper posted here A Mismatch in the Ultraviolet Spectra between … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on polishing a paper to readiness…

Something that has come up recently in the group, and one of the hardest parts of writing a research paper, is the final polishing and editing of a paper before submission. When one is new at research this can be … Continue reading

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