Monday group hack

Today we had Gopolang Mohlabeng (NASSP) give a talk on his research project under Marco Regis entitled “Dark Matter Detection using the MeerKAT Telescope”.

Gopolang during his seminar on dark matter detection with MeerKAT

In the journal club we discussed a variety of recent cosmological papers including arxiv:1010.6068, arxiv:1010.6128, arxiv:1010.4915, arxiv:1010.5272 and the recent interesting CMS result arxiv:1009.4122.

During the afternoon hack Marco Regis gave an introduction to Feynman diagrams for astronomers. Previous hacks have covered python (James), COSMOMC (Yabebal), HEALPIX (Yabebal), science blogging (Carolina) and making videos (Carolina) among others etc…

Marco discussing the intricacies of QED and Feynman diagrams

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