Soliciting Secrets from Strong Field Spacetimes

Dr. Jeandrew Brink

Last Wednesday Jeandrew Brink from the National Institute for Theoretical Physics, NITHeP, visited us to give us a colloquium on Strong Field Spacetimes. Her abstract goes:

Quantitatively mapping the strong field regions around compact objects using the gravitational radiation emitted by Extreme-Mass-Ratio Inspirals has been shown to be possible in principle. In practice, however, only inspirals in the Kerr spacetime have been studied in detail. I discuss several aspects of the theoretical development required to make the problem of mapping the spacetime around generic compact objects tractable. Some recent results about particle orbits around Bumpy Black holes are highlighted.

Compelling similarities between fluid dynamics and gravity

On the Comparable-Mass-Ratio front, the field of Numerical Relativity has matured rapidly during the last five years, giving us access to highly non-linear regions of Spacetime. I use analogies from Fluid Dynamics to provide a framework for asking probing questions to further our understanding of the merger of Binary Black holes in General Relativity.

Jeandrew has recently returned to South Africa after working with Kip Thorne at the California Institute of Technology. For more information about her work, you can consult her publications on SPIRES.

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