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Kip Thorne’s visit to AIMS

Kip Thorne visited AIMS and the AIMS Research Center on November 24 as part of his visit to the nearby Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies (which, as a somewhat irrelevant aside arguably has the best food of any such institute … Continue reading

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Group publications in November

Spectral properties of Type Ia supernovae up to z~0.3 J. Nordin, L. Ostman, A. Goobar, R. Amanullah, R.C. Nichol, M. Smith, J. Sollerman, B.A. Bassett, J. Frieman, P.M. Garnavich, G. Leloudas, M. Sako, D.P. Schneider NTT and NOT spectroscopy of … Continue reading

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‘M’ is for Mini and Many-Worlds

Continuing our theme of film-related physics concepts (see the domain wall analogy from V for Vendetta) I recently saw a TV advert for the Mini Countryman which I thought nicely illustrates some of the key ideas of the Many-Worlds interpretation … Continue reading

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Patrice wins ‘Best PhD Astronomy Presentation’ at the SKA Conference

Patrice Okouma won the prize for the best presentation in the PhD Astronomy category at the annual SKA Project Postgraduate Bursary Conference held recently at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies. The conference hosted all beneficiaries of an SKA bursary … Continue reading

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