2+1 year Postdoctoral position

We are looking for a postdoc who is passionate about cosmology and is inspired by the vision and goals of AIMS. Candidates in all areas of cosmology are encouraged to apply, but we particularly encourage applications from people who enjoy research interactions since AIMS is built on a strong group spirit. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact Bruce informally with any questions (bruce.a.bassett@gmail.com); deadline is 15 March, 2011.  Further details below.

The beach outside AIMS

Post-doc needed for barefoot cosmology...the beach in front of AIMS

The South African SKA POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME provides talented postdoctoral scientists an opportunity to engage in research projects related to the mission of the South African Square Kilometre Array Project (SA SKA). The SA SKA is a project of the South African Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation and comprises Africa’s bid to host the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope (SKA), the design, construction and operation of the Karoo Array Telescope (MeerKAT) and a youth into science and engineering programme focused on supporting science and engineering students and postdoctoral fellows. Africa has been short-listed with Australia to host the SKA. For more information about SA SKA and SKA visit www.ska.ac.za and www.skatelescope.org.

The SA SKA postdoctoral fellowships are awarded for a period of two years (plus one additional year if agreed to by the host institution, the candidate and the SA SKA Project), renewable every six months based on progress. The value of this prestigious postdoctoral fellowship is R300 000 per annum (non-taxable), and comes with additional travel and equipment grants. In addition the cosmology group has strong, well-funded links with other cosmology groups both nationally and internationally.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to use the 10m-class optical telescope SALT, and the Centre for High Performance Computing and the option to play an active role in the large HI and continuum surveys LADUMA and MIGHTEE planned for MeerKAT.

Applicants should email a CV and statement of research interests to bruce.a.bassett@gmail.com. The deadline for applications is 15 March but late applications will be considered. Shortlisted applicants will be requested to provide three recommendation letters.

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One Response to 2+1 year Postdoctoral position

  1. R.K.Tiwari says:

    I would like to join postdoctoral programme in your guidance. .Basically my research field is cosmology and I solved Einstein’s field equations by taking physical conditions for variable vacuum energy density ( cosmological constant LAMBDA) mathematically.
    I am waiting for your favorable reply .

    With my best regards,

    Your sincerely
    Rishi Kumar Tiwari

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