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Recent advances in Bayesian cosmological model building – colloquium by Roberto Trotta

On the 30th of March, AIMS hosted the second seminar of the Joint Western Cape Astronomy/Cosmology Seminar series, which was a talk by Roberto Trotta on Bayesian cosmological model building. Roberto began by introducing the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) … Continue reading

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Marina Vinhas Cortês

I started out my career as a professional classical dancer.  I then studied theoretical physics as an undergraduate in Lisbon (Portugal), went on to do my PhD in Cosmology with Andrew Liddle in Sussex (UK) and did my first postdoc … Continue reading

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Art-Science Workshop in Sutherland

What is art-science? Is it just technology applied to the arts? Is it a scientific process that gives rise to something beautiful? These are some of the questions that a group of artists and scientists addressed at the first workshop … Continue reading

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Research on Research I – Video Paper Abstracts

Ever since I saw this amazing little 2009 video abstract on seam carving I have had the desire to make a video to illustrate one of my own papers. I was inspired by the possibility of using three minutes of … Continue reading

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Roberto Trotta

I grew up in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and was an undergraduate at ETH Zurich, before moving to Geneva University for my PhD with Ruth Durrer. I have been the Lockyer Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society at … Continue reading

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Ravi K. Sheth

I grew up in Bombay, India. When I was 18, I left India to go to Haverford College, just outside Philadelphia, because one could (still can) play cricket there.  An astronomer there, Bruce Partridge, told me that if I wanted … Continue reading

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Testing the equivalence principle with fundamental constants – seminar by Jean-Phillipe Uzan

This March seminar was about the strange concept of “varying constants” or more specifically, how these constants can help us test the equivalence principle. Jean-Phillipe started by explaining what a fundamental constant is and how, in order to allow them … Continue reading

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