Publications in the 2nd half of 2011

In the last few months, members of the Cosmology group at AIMS have been busy publishing papers! They include,

  • The XMM Cluster Survey: Optical analysis methodology and the first data release
    Nicola Mehrtens, A. Kathy Romer, E. J. Lloyd-Davies, Matt Hilton, Christopher J. Miller, S. A. Stanford, Mark Hosmer, Ben Hoyle, Chris A. Collins, Andrew R. Liddle, Pedro T. P. Viana, Robert C. Nichol, John P. Stott, E. Naomi Dubois, Scott T. Kay, Martin Sahlen, Owain Young, C. J. Short, L. Christodoulou, William A. Watson, Michael Davidson, Craig D. Harrison, Leon Baruah, Mathew Smith, Claire Burke, Paul-James Deadman, Philip J. Rooney, Edward M. Edmondson, Michael West, Heather C. Campbell, Alastair C. Edge, Robert G. Mann, David Wake, Christophe Benoist, Luiz da Costa, Marcio A. G. Maia, Ricardo Ogando

Finally, Mathew Smith’s work with his international collaborators finding evidence of black holes’ destruction of stars has been revised, and has attracted the international media’s attention!

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