Eli Kasai

I was born in the north eastern part of Namibia, along the banks of the Kavango river, which forms the border between Angola and Namibia. I completed my BSc undergraduate in Mathematics and Physics in 2004 at the University of Namibia (UNAM) and took up employment in NamPower as a graduate Energy Trader in 2005 and later on as Commercial/Operations Analyst. In 2010, I enrolled for the Honours National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme (NASSP), at the University of Cape Town and am currently busy with the NASSP Masters.

What inspired you to study science?

Initially, I was nuts about becoming a medical doctor. Then one day in high school, during a study session in the library with classmates, I stared for a very long time at the globe that was sitting on the table in front of us and wondered about the nature of the earth, the day and night effect and it’s orbital speed of about 30 km/s was unimaginable and beyond comprehension, especially when I thought of a car travelling at such a speed.

That was it; my mind became more curious and was transformed from becoming a hardcore medical doctor in the future that everyone was going to talk about, to following a career in astrophysics and registered for an undergraduate programme that would enable me to do so later on in life. I have also been inspired along the way by the Dstv History channel documentaries on the universe.

Do you have a role model in science?

I have quite a list of role models and it spans scientists that laid the foundations on which modern astronomy and cosmology stand, my undergraduate classical mechanics lecturer, Dr Riaan Steenkamp, that I used to have astronomy conversations with from time to time while at UNAM and people that present and explain work that interests me in a clear and conscience manner.

A quote that inspires you?

The harder we work, the luckier we seem to get”
-Samuel Goldwyn

Research interests

From my experience in Astronomy and Cosmology so far, I have developed an interest in Observational Cosmology in the subjects Type Ia supernova rates (the topic for my MSc thesis), Statistical methods in cosmology, Dark energy investigations, Cosmological parameter estimations and in Theoretical Cosmology; the theory of Inflation, Structure formation (N-body simulations) and Expansion history of the universe.

I also have an interest in the evolution of galaxies and clusters from higher redshifts to lower redshifts, and High Energy Astrophysical processes studied by the HESS group in Namibia.

Favourite reference papers:



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