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The most suggestive piece of mathematics I know

What is the most suggestive piece of mathematics you know? Aside from the feeling of suggestive similarities between Gödel’s theorem and the Uncertainty Principle, the answer to this for me has always been the subject of exotic manifolds. Exotic manifolds … Continue reading

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Demystifying the Higgs Boson – an attempt

I wrote this little piece as an attempt to communicate the key ideas behind the Higgs in new ways, a notoriously difficult thing to do without the underlying mathematics, as emphasised here and, controversially, here — BB The announcement of the potential discovery … Continue reading

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Effective Field Theory of Multi-Field Inflation a la Weinberg – Nima Khosravi

Back in May AIMS postdoc Nima Khosravi gave us a talk on his most recent paper on constructing an effective field theory for multi-field inflation. Nima began by giving us overviews of inflation and of the effective field approach (EFT). … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, Malmquist Bias and the Accelerating Universe

While Steve Jobs is a villain to some and a hero to many, his 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford University (see below) is often held up as a classic of the carpe diem genre. It is a wonderful feel-good speech but something always … Continue reading

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Ermias Abebe Kassaye

I was born in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. I obtained my first degree in physics from Dilla University, and my second degree, specializing in laser physics, from Addis Ababa University. After obtaining my second degree, I worked at  Arbaminch University for … Continue reading

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Preparing for an academic Job Interview

We have recently gone through an extensive senior job search for a joint position and the questions we asked the candidates were fairly generic. But I remember my own early job interviews and how badly prepared I was for them, … Continue reading

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