FameLab and Radio script successes for Michelle

Congratulations to Michelle Knights who has won both the South African leg of the FameLab competition and first prize in the broadcast category of the Young Science Communicators Competition for her radio script called “The Great Debate”, a dramatised version of the real “great debate” which took place between Shapley and Curtis in 1920. Michelle will help produce her script for a local radio station while on the FameLab side, she became the 1st South African to qualify for the international finals and now travels to London in June to compete with all the national winners from the other 23 countries for two further rounds of competition. The videos of past international winners can be found at  http://www.famelab.org/.

Knights 3

Knights 14 (1)

Knights 6 (1)

FameLab, dubbed ‘Pop Idols for Scientists‘, gives scientists three minutes to explain a scientific topic in the most engaging way to the general public with no slides. Michelle won the local competition by talking about Bayesian statistics, supernovae and dark energy, before moving on to the gala event at Rhodes – her alma mater – where her winning talk was about the myriad of new exo-planets discovered in the last decade  – see the photos above!

Good luck Michelle! You can read about the experience from her personal point of view here.


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