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New Opening in Big Data: Postdoctoral Researcher position

The Cosmology and Astronomy group at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences ( invites applications for a post-doctoral Fellowship entitled Big Data: Inference and Machine Learning in Astronomy.  The successful applicant will have the choice to join one of our ongoing projects which include: BIRO: The … Continue reading

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The JEDI workshops

Heisenberg reflecting on the famous 1927 Solvay conference remembered that “the most intense discussions took place not during the conference sessions but over meals…” [1]. Why is that most conferences suck so badly and can one do better? The search for … Continue reading

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AIMS Seminar: Dr Ignacy Sawicki

This week we had a stimulating seminar by Iggy Sawicki, our new postdoc, who packed out our cosy seminar room with a talk entitled: “Testing dark energy as a function of scale”. You can see the slides of his talk below,  admire … Continue reading

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Machine learning and the future of science

A while ago I gave a talk at IAP in their wonderful amphitheatre (slides at the bottom). The colloquium series at IAP is  a very serious affair with lots of top scientists so I felt pressure to try and say something … Continue reading

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Discovery of a new supernova with SALT

We are happy to report our first confirmed discovery of a supernova for the international Dark Energy Survey (DES) using the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT).  DES, which is based in Chile, has just started science operations and hopes to discover … Continue reading

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The super-compressible Cosmic Microwave Background

One of the most striking features about the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is that it is incredibly compressible from an information content point of view. The Planck satellite produced maps with of order a billion pixels whose information could be … Continue reading

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Recent AIMS seminars

We have had a spate of stimulating seminars recently covering a number of topics in cosmology, statistics and radio astronomy. Here are the slides for you to enjoy! Gianni Bernardi, 14 August 2013 Sajeeth Philip, 31 July 2013 Kim McAlpine, … Continue reading

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The amazing growth of South African astronomy…

It is nearly a decade (yikes!) since I returned to South Africa and there have been amazing changes in that time. We just had an astronomy town meeting as part of our first large decadal review process and it was … Continue reading

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Cosmology Postdoctoral Positions: closing date 1 November 2013

The AIMS cosmology group has funding for one or more postdocs with a start date between between March and November 2014. The focus of the group is the nexus between observations and theory, with a particular interest in astrostatistics and … Continue reading

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The SuperJEDI Conference

We are less than a week away from the start of a massive experiment: the SuperJEDI conference, to be held from 30 June – 9 July in Mauritius. This conference will bring together around 45 scientists from around the world … Continue reading

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FameLab Finals

Michelle recently got through to the final 10 of the international FameLab competition during which she gave two talks; one on pulsar networks as detectors of gravitational waves and one on quantum fluctuations during inflation as the source of all structures … Continue reading

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Galaxy Bias is an Isocurvature mode

This is a post I started writing nearly a year ago and have only finally got around to publishing. Part of the reason for this are my doubts about whether I should simply hold back and write it up as … Continue reading

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