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Hillary Adrienne Sanctuary

I am from Montreal, Canada.  I have a MSc diploma in engineering physics from EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), Switzerland.  I am currently finishing my PhD at the University of Geneva on alternative theories of gravity. What inspired you … Continue reading

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Patrice wins ‘Best PhD Astronomy Presentation’ at the SKA Conference

Patrice Okouma won the prize for the best presentation in the PhD Astronomy category at the annual SKA Project Postgraduate Bursary Conference held recently at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies. The conference hosted all beneficiaries of an SKA bursary … Continue reading

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Mathematics in biology

Mathematics underpin science everywhere and being at AIMS offers us the great opportunity to be exposed to the diverse ways in which the world is being explored and researched using mathematics. On Tuesday, Rhoda Hawkins from Bristol joined us to … Continue reading

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Group getaway in September

We went on a 3-day getaway in the Western Cape in September 2010 where we conceptualised and filmed various cool, unusual illustrations of cosmological and scientific ideas. This ‘making-of’ video captures the spirit of the getaway.

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Soliciting Secrets from Strong Field Spacetimes

Last Wednesday Jeandrew Brink from the National Institute for Theoretical Physics, NITHeP, visited us to give us a colloquium on Strong Field Spacetimes. Her abstract goes: Quantitatively mapping the strong field regions around compact objects using the gravitational radiation emitted … Continue reading

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Group Publications in October

Statistical Classification Techniques for Photometric Supernova Typing by James Newling & al., with Melvin Varughese, Bruce Bassett, Bryony Martin and Mathew Smith (arXiv:1010.1005) See also the video abstract for the paper posted here A Mismatch in the Ultraviolet Spectra between … Continue reading

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The metaphor of research

We have produced a couple of videos, each of which ends with the little video snippet shown below. The storyline mimics the process of research. The apple at the beginning of the film is the universe, with its physics represented … Continue reading

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