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Publication list 2013!

Romeel Dave; collaborators: D. Angles-Alcazar and F. Ozel title: Black Hole-Galaxy Correlations without Self-Regulation Nima Khosravi; collaborators: G. Niz, K. Koyama and G. Tasinato title: Stability of the Self-accelerating Universe in Massive Gravity M. Knights, B. A. Bassett, M. Varughese … Continue reading

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2012: Publications

Cosmology with Photometrically-Classified Type Ia Supernovae from the SDSS-II Supernova Survey Heather Campbell, Chris B. D’Andrea, Robert C. Nichol (ICG, Portsmouth), Masao Sako, Mathew Smith, Hubert Lampeitl, Matthew D. Olmstead, Bruce Bassett, Rahul Biswas, Peter Brown, David Cinabro, Kyle S. Dawson, Ben Dilday, Ryan J. Foley, Joshua A. Frieman, Peter Garnavich, Renee Hlozek,Saurabh W. Jha, Steve Kuhlmann, Martin Kunz, John … Continue reading

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Radical Research VII – Anyone Can Do Research!

One of the best trends in science outreach over the past decade has been the emergence of ‘citizen science‘ – the idea that the layperson could actually contribute to real science. But I find myself dissatisfied with the current state … Continue reading

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Radical Research VI – Thinking outside the box with a 3D poster

Perhaps I am unusual but I find poster sessions some of the most deeply frustrating sessions at conferences. I can see people have (usually) put a lot of work into their posters but I find them impossible to read given … Continue reading

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Publications in the 2nd half of 2011

In the last few months, members of the Cosmology group at AIMS have been busy publishing papers! They include, Multi-Metric Gravity via Massive Gravity Nima Khosravi, Nafiseh Rahmanpour, Hamid Reza Sepangi, Shahab Shahidi Photometric Supernova Cosmology with BEAMS and SDSS-II … Continue reading

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Journal Science honors ‘universe awareness’ with award

A Web site that aims to inspire young children by teaching them about the immensity of the universe and the wonder of the night sky has won the Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE). “The Web site is … Continue reading

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Recent Group Publications

In his recent visit to AIMS, Roberto Trotta completed the following works on how best to use SNIa observations to produce cosmological constraints and constrained Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model fits: Improved constraints on cosmological parameters from SNIa data M.C. March … Continue reading

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