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Radical Research VII – Anyone Can Do Research!

One of the best trends in science outreach over the past decade has been the emergence of ‘citizen science‘ – the idea that the layperson could actually contribute to real science. But I find myself dissatisfied with the current state … Continue reading

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Radical Research II – Object oriented papers

At the JEDI 2 workshop held in mid 2008* we spent quite a lot of time envisaging how cosmology might be different in 2020. One aspect of that was the way in which we would do research in 2020 and … Continue reading

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The metaphor of research

We have produced a couple of videos, each of which ends with the little video snippet shown below. The storyline mimics the process of research. The apple at the beginning of the film is the universe, with its physics represented … Continue reading

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Boosting for Supernova Classification

This is a video abstract to our paper, “Statistical Classification Techniques for Photometric Supernova Typing” arxiv:1010.1005. The additional material here accompanies the paper, and may be of interest to those interested in boosting (a statistical technique for classification problems) or … Continue reading

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The shake and break approach to research

Bruce Bassett, AIMS, 10 August 2010 Research is hard. As a young researcher one arrives at the shore of accumulated wisdom of everyone who has gone before and in the context of academic research that ocean is made up of … Continue reading

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